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**Giveaway ends February 27th 2017.


Do something every day that scares you

Day 2- do something everyday that scares you.

I decided to go by the woods by my house and take a walk. I’ve been there with others but never by myself. It’s always been something I wanted to do… take a walk in the woods and be at one with nature 🙂

I went in, and look what I found:


Shocking but I’ve never seen it before. I’m a city girl all through.

Beautiful nature.

I found a tree, sat down and breathed in the beautiful air for about 20 minutes.

What have you done recently that scares you? Comment below 🙂

Hello UK, Goodbye Italia!

Hello Everyone!

The time came a few months back for me to say goodbye to Italia and return to the UK. It was a difficult, teary goodbye because its hard to say goodbye to something you have wanted for so long.

I took some time to adjust to UK life, and get back into a different culture and a different way of things.  Photos from the UK will now follow, I hope you enjoy!IMG_3460

Italy was such an amazing experience. Something one does for ones soul, you know? Never had I been so pushed, so challenged, so out of my depth and yet… so in awe. I met amazing people, and saw so many amazing things.

Its one of those experiences that stay with you forever, and wonder if it was really you 😀



Rome: A day in the life #2


Follow the tour!

I was in a tour group in the Vatican when I took this photo. Everything looks surreal. The people look almost like figurines in a set. We are in the Vatican after all 🙂

Im curious, what is your favourite type of photography, and who is your favourite photographer? Comment below!

Photo taken in Rome, Italy