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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

– Mary Oliver

I came across this quote and was instantly stunned by it. So simple, yet so direct. It seems to ask an innocent question, yet one that sparks the imagination…

Life is wild, so much potential, options, opportunities.

Precious, what are you going to do with it?

Other poems I love of hers include:

You do not have to be good… how vivid. Do you feel the cool air, the rain?

Do you see that there is a rhythm to life, unending, that calls you to watch, and be part of things?

another call to action by Mary. Are you really living? Is it time to wake up and go for it? The wild adventure of life awaits your quest to live a life worthy of you, do you let the voices of others cloud you?

Do you save the only life that you can save in this moment?

“(We) do not live by bread alone”

Mary Oliver’s words captivate me like few others.

What are some of your favourite poems?


Water, so vital yet so hard to commit to. There are few things that help me more than water. The purifier, the cleanser, the nourisher, giver of energy, the revitaliser.

I’ve noticed when I take adequate water, things are a little less difficult. I’m a little less likely to crash after a long day.

I need to get 3 litres of water in every day. Since a friend encouraged me to set targets for myself, I found taking water easer.

The target is 0.5l as I wake up,

1.5l during the work day

1l in the evening

Got this awesome 1.5l bottle for work…

Just have to motivate myself to fill it up.

How do you stay motivated to drink water?


You know how you have had a bowl of nice warming oats in the morning… topped with cinnamon and honey.

Then for lunch you maybe have some lentils you prepared with a tin of tomatoes stirred in.

Then for dinner you maybe have some rice/ potatoes with some salmon if you’re lucky.

You do this for weeks on end… then you realise.. wait, where’s the freshness?

What have I eaten that is alive?

Or is it just me?

Its so easy to mainly eat foods that are “dead”. That can sit in your pantry for weeks without expiring. That are lacking in freshness and vitality…

For this reason I’m making a concerted effort to get more freshness in my diet… no matter how basic, better to start from somewhere!

Pot of fruit

I bought a rice cooker

I bought a rice cooker…

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before?!

I’m having fun trying out new things, from quinoa porridge in the morning, rice that cooks under 10 minutes, steamed veggies and more!

I’m excited about the different stuff things I can make.

The best thing is you “set it and forget it”. Just put everything in there and go about your normal activities.