I bought a rice cooker

I bought a rice cooker…

Why didn’t anyone tell me about this before?!

I’m having fun trying out new things, from quinoa porridge in the morning, rice that cooks under 10 minutes, steamed veggies and more!

I’m excited about the different stuff things I can make.

The best thing is you “set it and forget it”. Just put everything in there and go about your normal activities.


First things first

Lets start from the very beginning…the basics.

I decided to make a list on my phone of all my meds, so I have them all in one place. Doing this really cut the overwhelm and gave a realistic view of what I have to take daily.

No more scrambling around my head for what I have to take and when. Yay, organisation!

Then it was on to taking them. I’m not the best at remembering, but it’s just like any other routine in life…

There are so many hacks for this including:

  • Bribing yourself with chocolate
  • Putting your meds in the fridge where you’ll see them
  • Attaching it to another habit
  • Taking them before your morning coffee
  • Apps
  • Checking off a calendar

I personally bought these little silicone containers, one to be placed by my bedside and one in my bag… covering all eventualities

Why not be colourful?

I will bribe myself by possibly taking them before my nightly tv show.. or taking them before I step out of bed in the morning… or buying myself some shoes.

What tricks do you have to ensure you take your vitamins or medication?

I have a secret…

Well, not a secret, but it’s something not a lot of people know, or can tell.

I have a medical illness I’ve had since birth, and throughout the past few years I’ve slacked a little on making my true needs met. Add to that a skin issue that just makes things hard!

This blog will be dedicated to getting healthy again and improving life on a wholistic level from food, to fitness, self care, and more.

There will still be photography, graffiti, poetry, but I hope you join in on the journey to full health without letting any issues define me.

Juggling a job (currently 9-5), doctors appointments, dating, friends, fun while staying healthy happy and whole. Let’s go.

LONDON: A day in the life #2

London Bridge. This has always been an interesting part of London. A mix of old and new. London’s oldest cathedral – Southwark cathedral (built 606 AD) is located here, as well as the famous Borough market filled with finest artisanal foods.

It is also close to London’s financial district, and you can always see suits riding bikes and stopping off for after work drinks.

A year on from the attacks here, we will always remember.

Do something everyday that scares you – #2

Perhaps not so much scary more adventurous and fun, I decided to go indoor skiing.

Doing something on your own that you have never done before can be quite fun, and is part of the spice of life 🙂

I walked in, gave my ticket, and was shown to the ski rental area where I got first my ski outfit, then my ski boots and skis.

What struck me first was how heavy the ski boots were. So difficult to walk in! Then attached to the skis themselves, wow!

Navigating in the fake snow was tough at first because you have to walk sideways to avoid slipping…but I got used to it.

Sliding down the slopes is a rush you can’t explain a feeling of freedom and serenity.

Though I fell down a couple of times, and feel sore all over today, I’m glad I tried it!

What about you? Have you tried skiing? What are your tips and favourite places to go?

And what have you done recently that scared you?

Comment below!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! It snowed in my little village so I just thought I’d share the pictures with you!

Plus it feels weird not to post on Christmas Day, I do so every year!

I hope you’re having a great time with family and friends… enjoying the festivities and the warm and cozy spirit. If you’re alone, you’re not alone, sending you all the love ❤️.


Do something every day that scares you

Day 2- do something everyday that scares you.

I decided to go by the woods by my house and take a walk. I’ve been there with others but never by myself. It’s always been something I wanted to do… take a walk in the woods and be at one with nature 🙂

I went in, and look what I found:


Shocking but I’ve never seen it before. I’m a city girl all through.

Beautiful nature.

I found a tree, sat down and breathed in the beautiful air for about 20 minutes.

What have you done recently that scares you? Comment below 🙂