Biscotti e Orzo

One of the things i love the most when visiting a new place is trying the local food. I like to immerse myself in the culture and do things the way the locals do them.

Italians love sweet food. From cakes and biscuits in the morning, to finishing off the day with something sweet in the evening.

In the supermarket here you will find the largest and most amazing biscotti isles with rows and rows of sweet deliciousness.

Personally I am in heaven as I love sweet food.

So here is a quick snack I had one day of biscotti and Orzo.

Crumbly biscotti

The biscotti was delicious, crumbly, melt in your mouth type of deal.

Orzo was something else i discovered while looking for an affordable coffee to buy. As i searched, I kept seeing “Orzo”, “Orzo é caffe”. It seemed to be everywhere so i thought, it must be popular, let me give this a try. I will figure out what Orzo means later.

I got home, prepared myself a snack, and made this mysterious drink.

It smelled of hot chocolate, and also a hint of coffee.

It tasted beautiful.

I later discovered that Orzo is a traditional drink made of roasted barley. Formulated as a “peasants drink” for those who couldn’t afford coffee, and used during the war when coffee rations were scarce.

It is also caffeine free! So no jitters for the health conscious.


Biscotti and Orzo

I will definitely be packing tonnes of this stuff with me when I go home.

A dopo!

See you later.


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