Italian Pear and Salmon Salad

Coming home from a long day of work or school, what can be better than a simple, easy and delicious salad?

I came up with this dish after said long day. it involves only 4 steps and will you leave feeling nourished and satisfied. If you need a little bit more weight and heaviness you can add a slice of bread or italian fette biscottate (a post on this coming soon) or even slice in some cubes of mozzarella cheese.

Anyway, what you need is a bag of pre prepared salad, some pears – diced, some smoked salmon – salmone affumicato, balsamic vinegar, and some olive oil.

I prefer to drizzle the balsamic vinegar on the salad and let it sit for a while, as i cut up the pears. This really lets the flavour sink in, and takes away the bitter taste.

The pears I find, add a delicate sweetness, and freshness to the salad. These italian pears are sweet, meaty and out of this world, really. I’ve never really liked pears, but here in Italy, as I am beginning to discover, the produce is sweeter, juicier, and more full of nutrition. The salmon adds a salty, silky taste, all together giving a meal full of vitality.






Do try it and let me know what you think. Out of curiosity, what is your favourite easy salad/ go to dinner? Comment below 🙂


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