Shopping in an Italian Supermarket

Supermarkets are some of the best places to me. Where else can you find so much possibility for health and vitality? Fresh fruit and vegetables, delicious breads, endless mixtures, tastes, new discoveries.

Breathing the cold crisp air of a supermarket, especially one filled with heathy produce can be incredibly refreshing.

Today, i’m gonna give you a sneak peak into shopping in an Italian supermarket. This is something I will miss when I leave!

So firstly, in Firenze, there are two main big supermarkets – Conad, and Coop (though there are other smaller chains). Coop, featured today, is a co-operative, filled with healthy, artisanal foods at a lower price.

Firstly, a tip about entering – you cannot go into an italian supermarket using the same entrance you came in! I’m not sure why, but you enter one way, and you exit another way – next to the tills. Maybe its to stop pickpockets, but it means you are very intentional about food shopping – you only go in if you are certain you want to buy something!

Anyway, the store by Piazza Beccaria is absolutely huge, with rows and rows of fresh produce. Once you enter you see this:


Ailes of different assortments of beautiful italian bread… Hard and crusty, to soft focaccia with olive oil. Delicious.

img_2697Fresh cheeses…


And fruit and vegetables…


img_2702One thing I noticed is the people here are particular about the handling of their food. You must wear gloves if you want to inspect the food, you must put it into a small bag, and you must weigh it in order to find the price per kilo. Whatever you do, don’t touch the food with your bare hands! 🙂



I’ve noticed that the food here is really pure, close to nature. I’ve noticed that they seem to care about what their people eat – the “worst” thing you will see in an ingredient list is sugar. Theres no endless list of additives and chemicals.

If you are eating junk food in Italy, its likely to be fairly good for you still.

Also, the gluten free trend is taking over Italy in a big way. You often see “Senza Glutine” – Gluten free absolutely everywhere, gluten free pastas, breads, cereals, biscuits even gluten free beer I found one time! Hard to believe, but if you tried, you can happily live gluten free in Italy.

What is food shopping like where you are from??


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