Florentine Street Food

I didn’t know what to expect of street food in florence, but when i arrived I was greeted by many shops with rows and rows of sandwiches or Panini.

The typical street food here is a giant sandwich made with (usually rectangular) slices of delicately crispy and crunchy artisanal bread filled with slices of mozzarella, proscuitto, salami, bresaola, battered chicken or other fillings.



Even the supermarkets sell an array of fresh panini to rival any establishment…img_2713img_2260

I must admit I was shocked by the carb overload. But I now take these sandwiches sparingly, and savour them.

You will also find some shops selling thin slices of Pizza, but by far the most popular food is a Tuscan panino which is truly delicious.

As with any other Italian city, you will also find many gelato shops. But more on that in another post!

Have you tried a tuscan panini? What do you think? What is your favourite street food where you are from?



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