Il Bufalo Trippone – A Taste

In the last post, I talked about delicious sandwiches or panini you can get in Florence. I decided to give the most highly rated sandwich place in Florence a try.

Its a cute little place called Il Bufalo Trippone in Via dell’Anguillara, 48R, near Palazzo Signoria.

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 18.14.04.png

Its a small place, hidden away in a small side street, and has literally 6 seats against the wall! I was very shocked when I walked in.


The prices are insane! very well priced. I chose the spicy salami sandwich while my sister chose the Volcano – spicy salami, spicy cheese and spicy sauce.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The sandwiches are so good, my mouth waters as I write this, remembering the salty taste of the salami, and the crunchiness of the focaccia bread.

We were also offered some wine – which was a typical wine of the region. Altogether making a rather boozy lunch 🙂



get the vibe of the place::



It was a very lovely place, and I had the most delicious, perfectly sized sandwich. I would recommend a visit when you go to florence!



Florentine Street Food

I didn’t know what to expect of street food in florence, but when i arrived I was greeted by many shops with rows and rows of sandwiches or Panini.

The typical street food here is a giant sandwich made with (usually rectangular) slices of delicately crispy and crunchy artisanal bread filled with slices of mozzarella, proscuitto, salami, bresaola, battered chicken or other fillings.



Even the supermarkets sell an array of fresh panini to rival any establishment…img_2713img_2260

I must admit I was shocked by the carb overload. But I now take these sandwiches sparingly, and savour them.

You will also find some shops selling thin slices of Pizza, but by far the most popular food is a Tuscan panino which is truly delicious.

As with any other Italian city, you will also find many gelato shops. But more on that in another post!

Have you tried a tuscan panini? What do you think? What is your favourite street food where you are from?


Shopping in an Italian Supermarket

Supermarkets are some of the best places to me. Where else can you find so much possibility for health and vitality? Fresh fruit and vegetables, delicious breads, endless mixtures, tastes, new discoveries.

Breathing the cold crisp air of a supermarket, especially one filled with heathy produce can be incredibly refreshing.

Today, i’m gonna give you a sneak peak into shopping in an Italian supermarket. This is something I will miss when I leave!

So firstly, in Firenze, there are two main big supermarkets – Conad, and Coop (though there are other smaller chains). Coop, featured today, is a co-operative, filled with healthy, artisanal foods at a lower price.

Firstly, a tip about entering – you cannot go into an italian supermarket using the same entrance you came in! I’m not sure why, but you enter one way, and you exit another way – next to the tills. Maybe its to stop pickpockets, but it means you are very intentional about food shopping – you only go in if you are certain you want to buy something!

Anyway, the store by Piazza Beccaria is absolutely huge, with rows and rows of fresh produce. Once you enter you see this:


Ailes of different assortments of beautiful italian bread… Hard and crusty, to soft focaccia with olive oil. Delicious.

img_2697Fresh cheeses…


And fruit and vegetables…


img_2702One thing I noticed is the people here are particular about the handling of their food. You must wear gloves if you want to inspect the food, you must put it into a small bag, and you must weigh it in order to find the price per kilo. Whatever you do, don’t touch the food with your bare hands! 🙂



I’ve noticed that the food here is really pure, close to nature. I’ve noticed that they seem to care about what their people eat – the “worst” thing you will see in an ingredient list is sugar. Theres no endless list of additives and chemicals.

If you are eating junk food in Italy, its likely to be fairly good for you still.

Also, the gluten free trend is taking over Italy in a big way. You often see “Senza Glutine” – Gluten free absolutely everywhere, gluten free pastas, breads, cereals, biscuits even gluten free beer I found one time! Hard to believe, but if you tried, you can happily live gluten free in Italy.

What is food shopping like where you are from??

Italian Pear and Salmon Salad

Coming home from a long day of work or school, what can be better than a simple, easy and delicious salad?

I came up with this dish after said long day. it involves only 4 steps and will you leave feeling nourished and satisfied. If you need a little bit more weight and heaviness you can add a slice of bread or italian fette biscottate (a post on this coming soon) or even slice in some cubes of mozzarella cheese.

Anyway, what you need is a bag of pre prepared salad, some pears – diced, some smoked salmon – salmone affumicato, balsamic vinegar, and some olive oil.

I prefer to drizzle the balsamic vinegar on the salad and let it sit for a while, as i cut up the pears. This really lets the flavour sink in, and takes away the bitter taste.

The pears I find, add a delicate sweetness, and freshness to the salad. These italian pears are sweet, meaty and out of this world, really. I’ve never really liked pears, but here in Italy, as I am beginning to discover, the produce is sweeter, juicier, and more full of nutrition. The salmon adds a salty, silky taste, all together giving a meal full of vitality.






Do try it and let me know what you think. Out of curiosity, what is your favourite easy salad/ go to dinner? Comment below 🙂

Simple Italian food

This is one of the first sandwiches I had in italy – the Pomodoro mozzarella sandwich from Quelo in Borgo Santa Croce.

It is wonderfully simple, plain, and so satisfying. Full attention must be paid when eating to get the full depth of flavour.


First of all, the artisanal, hard, crusty bread. I’ve always been a fan of this because to me it feels closer to nature, more real, more healthy, purer with better ingredients.

Second, the mozzarella… melt in your mouth perfection.

Then the saltiness of the olive oil. It makes this vegetarian sandwich so perfect. I will recreate this for lunch and will definitely post the results. Everyone must try!


quale e il vostro panino preferito? What is your favourite sandwich? Share below 🙂

Biscotti e Orzo

One of the things i love the most when visiting a new place is trying the local food. I like to immerse myself in the culture and do things the way the locals do them.

Italians love sweet food. From cakes and biscuits in the morning, to finishing off the day with something sweet in the evening.

In the supermarket here you will find the largest and most amazing biscotti isles with rows and rows of sweet deliciousness.

Personally I am in heaven as I love sweet food.

So here is a quick snack I had one day of biscotti and Orzo.

Crumbly biscotti

The biscotti was delicious, crumbly, melt in your mouth type of deal.

Orzo was something else i discovered while looking for an affordable coffee to buy. As i searched, I kept seeing “Orzo”, “Orzo é caffe”. It seemed to be everywhere so i thought, it must be popular, let me give this a try. I will figure out what Orzo means later.

I got home, prepared myself a snack, and made this mysterious drink.

It smelled of hot chocolate, and also a hint of coffee.

It tasted beautiful.

I later discovered that Orzo is a traditional drink made of roasted barley. Formulated as a “peasants drink” for those who couldn’t afford coffee, and used during the war when coffee rations were scarce.

It is also caffeine free! So no jitters for the health conscious.


Biscotti and Orzo

I will definitely be packing tonnes of this stuff with me when I go home.

A dopo!

See you later.