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Rome: A day in the life #2


Follow the tour!

I was in a tour group in the Vatican when I took this photo. Everything looks surreal. The people look almost like figurines in a set. We are in the Vatican after all 🙂

Im curious, what is your favourite type of photography, and who is your favourite photographer? Comment below!

Photo taken in Rome, Italy

Florence: A day in the life #37


A lot of places in Italy look like this. I think what I found most striking was the bright yellow colour, the feeling that construction was always taking place, whilst everything was simultaneously falling apart.

What do you think about this architecture? Is it similar to the place you live?

Photo taken in Florence, Italy

Graffiti Friday

Florence is a beautiful place, mired in history and known for tradition. Who would have known that in the depths of the tunnels in La Cure, would exist a thriving alternative scene?

The underpass is made up of tunnels of amazing, artistic pieces. You can really feel a pulse here, and the pieces are a pleasure to behold.



Find it here

Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 16.04.39.png